At eTraffic our mission is simple – Help Advertisers Generate More Conversions

  • Traffic Solutions:

    First, we determine how you want your offer marketed, then we match your campaign with the most relevant traffic possible to generate conversions.

  • Monetization Solutions:

    Next, we help you increase conversions by suggesting compelling campaign refinements proven to convert more users into paying customers.

    As with any marketing, the key to generating more conversions is to optimize, optimize, and then optimize more. We constantly test and shape your traffic and campaign to optimize your online growth.

Benefits Of Being An eTraffic Advertiser:

  • Verified Quality Traffic Generated In-House & Via Direct Media Buys
  • Pay Only When Your Offer Converts
  • Advertising Specialists Optimize Your Traffic & Campaign
  • Full Time Compliance Department & Unparalleled Fraud Detection



We specialize in generating all types of targeted digital traffic for your offer.

  • Search Marketing

    Search engines are the best way to get in front of people who are actively searching for your products or services. We are experts at all types of organic and paid search campaigns.

  • Email Marketing

    Email is still one of the top online activities for consumers and a highly effective way to target a specific audience. We deliver millions of targeted permission-based emails that drive customers to your offer.

  • Display Marketing

    Display advertising utilizes rich media such as images, audio, and video. We deliver targeted, quality display traffic from websites that are relevant to your offer.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media marketing is quickly becoming the new advertising medium of choice. We use premier targeting capabilities offered in social media to target the audience for your offer and drive results.


In these times of media fragmentation, media buying has become a cornerstone strategy. We buy targeted and relevant digital advertising across a variety of media channels to benefit from cross-channel insights and performance gains. Rather than keeping ad analytics isolated with a myriad of third parties, we gain insights from one media channel and
apply them to another.

  • Ad Exchanges:

    Ad exchanges allow you to buy and sell online ad inventory. We leverage media buys on ad exchanges to acquire accurate, real-time audiences for your offer. We are able to scale at will to generate more traffic and conversions.

  • Trading Desks:

    Trading desks are a dynamic way to purchase audiences at scale and in real time. We buy media from trading desks across all digital media channels to benefit from the rich data insights and analytics offered on these platforms.


eTraffic has a proven track record when it comes to developing strategies, buying and planning online media, and increasing conversions.


We are experts at generating high quality, proven traffic to advertise your offer effectively.

Publisher & Direct Media Buyer

Media buying has become a cornerstone strategy for online advertisers. Our media buying platform is integrated with ad exchanges and trading desks to grow your business.


We publish and buy media across a variety of channels in order to benefit from cross-channel insights and optimization opportunities.


There are people out there that want what your offer and they don’t need very much convincing. We combine standard targeting with advanced targeting to drive consumers that are ready to purchase what you are offering.


Advertisers can rest assured knowing all their campaigns are handled by our team of highly responsive advertising specialists.


Open communication with advertisers ensures that results are always on par with goals. We work with you directly to help pinpoint what isn’t working as well as it could and create a solution to improve it.


eTraffic is based in San Diego, CA and is an industry leader in performance traffic and monetization solutions. We’ve built a comprehensive network of targeted traffic and analytics from in-house publishing and direct media buys. eTraffic is committed to your online marketing success by continuously testing, adapting, and discovering new traffic sources and monetization solutions.


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